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Why Coaching?

Coaching is about helping you learn how to solve your own problems, giving you strategies to achieve your goals and being able to eventually move yourself forward without someone else's support.
Coaching is one of those things that incredibly successful and wealthy people invest in. Why? To get to the next level you need support. Someone who either knows more than you do in that area or someone who creates a boundary for you to keep you on track.
If you want to lose weight or get stronger than you hire a physical trainer. 
If you want to develop self-esteem, achieve goals, gain clarity and move your life forward then you hire a coach.


What can Coaching do for me?

Coaching can help you become 'unstuck', if you feel like you're in a comfort zone or a rut, and you want to move your life forward but you don't know how then coaching can really help shift the needle.

Coaching can help you identify limiting beliefs and mental blocks that are preventing you from reaching your potential or changing.

Coaching offers you accountability, which is something that we all need to help motivate us to be consistent and persistent with life-changing action.

Coaching offers you the support you need to help curate a better relationship with yourself where you can rely on yourself to make better choices and take positive action. We all want to feel encouraged and supported, some people are fortunate enough to have that from friends and family but in lieu of that coaching can help meet that need.

Coaching can help with self-esteem and confidence - when you consistently move forward, tick things off your list and achieve goals you begin to realise that you have everything inside of you that you will ever need. It helps you develop that 'best friend' relationship with yourself, and grows your confidence as you now have a proven record of accomplishing what you set out to do and can apply the same methods to even bigger goals and aspirations.

Career coaching is for when you are fed up of where you are, and either want to progress within your company, get another job or start your own company. It's also useful for when you are not sure which direction to go in.

Coaching is also highly beneficial for business or company owners who employ staff and want help creating a positive work culture and ethic, or promote productivity.

So whether you want to lose weight, start a business, write a book or go travelling coaching is beneficial for everyone!


What to expect during your session

The majority of my coaching clients choose to have their sessions online, but I can see people in person and in different environments dependent on their goal or desired outcome.

We will spend an hour going over your priorities and establishing what you need to focus on, and then design a plan and strategies on how to achieve your outcome. 
We will discuss potential hurdles, a timeline and how you can seek support. 
At the end of the session you will have a clear road map of action steps to take and a time frame. You will be able to check in with me in between sessions for accountability and support, if you need help to stay motivated or simply want to hear a 'Well done, I'm so proud of you!'.



How many sessions do I need?

- This is all dependent on you and what you're coming to coaching for. Have you got a specific goal with a certain time-frame, or is it generally moving yourself forward in life?
You'll learn through the coaching process about what your needs are, you'll gain clarity in every area. Therefore sometimes I have clients who come with one particular goal and who remain a client after that goal has been achieved. 

What is the frequency of coaching sessions?

- Again, this depends on you. If you have a six week goal for something then we will probably meet once or twice a week. If you have a year to achieve something then we may meet every 3 or 4 weeks. You will start to understand how much time you need between our sessions to complete your action steps, and how much support you need.

If I need an emergency session can I get one?

- I will always try and accommodate clients where I can, this includes seeing them outside of normal working hours to suit their schedules. As I also offer hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and NLP we can also integrate some of these services if this is something you would like and may benefit from.
I also have a host of contacts whom I trust that I can put you in touch with if you would like to keep the services separate. 

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Let's Work Together

You can book online or by getting in touch on 02087207176. Payment is required in full at the time of booking - either via the website or bank transfer. 
Please note I am happy to accommodate requests for appointments outside of normal availability (where I can).

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