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Integrative Psychotherapy

Why Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy provides psychological support for a variety of issues. This can include 'big' things, like overcoming past trauma, an abusive childhood or toxic relationships. It can also be about navigating emotional difficulties in the present, or having someone to talk to in general.

In every day life our relationships require give and take, we have to think about other people's needs and feelings. In therapy it is the one place where it is all about you! You get to speak, without fear of judgment about everything that you are thinking and feeling. For many people this is the only time they are able to truly be themselves. Therapy allows you to feel seen, heard and supported. It is a place where you can decompress and start developing a toolkit of resources to help you deal with life's difficulties.
Whilst everyone's journey with therapy is different there is one guarantee - you will be a changed person at the end of it.


What can Psychotherapy do for me?

Overcome past difficulties.
Develop a better relationship with yourself.
Work on self-care and self-love.
Understand the patterns you create in your life that may be a recreation of your past.
Understand why you keep ending up in the same situation with work, relationships and money.

Let go of trauma and events in your life that are holding you back.
Help to find true happiness.

Help to move on from depression and anxiety and understand what's truly causing it.
Help with physical ailments, that can often be a symptom of psychological stress.

Help with relationship issues - family, romantic, friendship or work.

Help to create lasting change in yourself and in your life.
And a whole host of other things... if you are wondering if therapy is for you please get in touch for a free 20 minute phone consultation.


What to expect during your session

Our first point of contact will be a phone consultation where we will quickly establish what you're hoping to achieve with therapy.
I will send you some forms to fill out that just give me some background information and emergency contact etc.
Our first appointment will be an initial assessment. This is where we go over your goals, any issues you're currently experiencing and discuss your background information. An initial assessment can last between 40 - 90 minutes.
After that we will begin normal weekly sessions which will last an hour. If you are coming to the practice then you'll get comfortable and we'll spend an hour speaking about whatever you want to speak about.
If it's online then we will meet on Zoom and spend the hour as you wish. The only requirement for online therapy is that you are somewhere private and quiet. Your confidentiality and safety is the most important thing.
During the session I may give you some 'homework'. This could be anything from writing a list of topics you want to discuss in therapy, or giving me more background information on your life.
Every client also has to fill out a timeline - chronological events in your life from birth to present. This can often be quite emotional for clients to do, which is to be expected, but it can really help me get to know you and the important things that have happened in your life.
We will continue therapy for as long as you want to, the journey is yours. 
I will always communicate with you if I think you're ready and your feelings around ending therapy.
I will then send you a summary email regarding how many sessions you attended, why you are no longer attending therapy and an evaluation sheet which helps me track your progress. I will also give you some information about resources that can provide you with ongoing support.

At any given time you are welcome to come back to therapy, or to request a different service. The point is that this is integrative therapy, we do what works for you, to get you to where you want to be!



What happens if I see you outside of therapy?

- This can be quite awkward for clients. Not everyone is happy to share that they are in therapy (although there really should be no taboo around it). Therefore if you see me outside of our sessions you are free to either say hi or to completely ignore me - I won't be offended. We can discuss this in our sessions to make sure that you feel comfortable with the boundaries.
And speaking of boundaries, your confidentiality is always extremely important to me. Therefore if you do say hello or other people are around you are welcome to not disclose how we know each other. 

Do you offer online sessions?

-During the pandemic many people discovered they were more comfortable with online meetings, so sessions are available either online or in-person depending on your preference.

Are our sessions confidential?

- Absolutely. When you come to therapy it is a safe space, and whatever you say here stays here, and with no judgment!
The one exception to confidentiality is if I believe that you are at risk of harming yourself or another person, at which point I am legally obligated to inform the relevant authority. This will be discussed in our initial assessment.
*For anyone experiencing thoughts of self-harm or suicide please contact your GP, attend A&E or contact the emergency services on 999. The Samaritans are a supportive organisation that you can call 24/7 on 116123 for free.
 Samaritans | Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy | Here to listen

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Let's Work Together

You can book online or by getting in touch on 02087207176. Payment is required in full at the time of booking - either via the website or bank transfer. 
Please note I am happy to accommodate requests for appointments outside of normal availability (where I can).

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