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Common Queries

Do I have to do anything before coming for therapy?

After an initial consultation every client will be asked to fill out a timeline - information about important events in your life. 
This gives me a good idea about your history and saves us time during our sessions, where we can focus on what you want to. 

How long does each therapy session take?

Every therapy session is an hour long, whether it's psychotherapy or hypnotherapy. 
You can arrive up to ten minutes early for your appointment, but preferably no more than that due to scheduling other clients.  

Are our sessions confidential?

Absolutely! Whatever we discuss during your sessions is kept completely private. 
The only time information is ever disclosed is if you are at risk of harming yourself or another person.

Do you offer online sessions?

During the pandemic many people discovered they were more comfortable with online meetings, so sessions are available either online or in-person depending on your preference.

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