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Neuro Linguistic Programming

£70 - 60 minute session
For more information on NLP:

Neuro–Linguistic Programming (

Why NLP?

Imagine that you are a computer, and everything that has happened in your life is your software or programming. You've been programmed by everything that was shown or said to you as a child. This means that as an adult you behave in ways that you might not understand or be entirely happy with, whether that's being attracted to dysfunctional relationships or having bad habits. 
Hypnotherapy is like someone walking in to the control room of the computer and turning the switches off that are responsible for these 'negative' behaviours. 
It might sound crazy, but these switches can be responsible for health issues too, like IBS and Psoriasis. You might feel like you've tried everything - medication, counselling, lotions and potions. To find out that Hypnotherapy could actually make a difference seems a bit ludicrous. Worth a try though, right?


What can NLP do for me?

There are several issues that can be helped with Hypnotherapy, including but not limited to:
Anxiety & depression
OCD and related behaviours
Phobias and generalised anxiety
Fertility issues
PTSD, CPTSD, and overcoming Narcissistic abuse
Dysfunctional behaviours or patterns
Bad habits
Smoking cessation
Weight loss, overeating or undereating 
Low self-esteem and gaining confidence
Achieving goals
Becoming more productive
Sleep issues


What to expect during your session

We will establish your goals for the session and you will relax in your environment (whether in-person or online).
You will close your eyes, get comfortable and do some deep breathing exercises. I will talk you through a relaxation script and communicate with your subconscious mind (that you will be listening to the entire time) about the goals that you are looking to achieve.
You will be in a 'trance state' but that is the same state you're in when you are washing the dishes or driving the car - basically on autopilot and not consciously paying attention. 
If you meditate then you'll find this quite a normal experience, it's very similar, as you'll just be super relaxed. 
I'll let you know when it's time to become aware of your surroundings again (they do this at the end of a Yoga class also), and just tell you to wiggle your fingers and toes and bring your awareness back to your body. 
You will feel awake and refreshed, and more often than not very motivated and eager to get in to action. 
We will have a little chat about how you feel and then you'll go merrily on your way! Nothing to it :)



Am I asleep during hypnosis?
- No! You are aware and awake the entire time, and you will hear everything I am saying during our session. 
Are you going to make me cluck like a chicken?
- No, I can't make you do anything you don't want to do! Otherwise I think the world would be full of very rich and powerful hypnotherapists! There is a popular misconception that you aren't in control of yourself during hypnosis, but this is completely untrue. You always remain in control. If halfway through our session you decide to open your eyes and walk out then there's nothing I can do about it - just like I can't control any of your other decisions. 

How many sessions do I need?

- This all depends on you. If it's for something like smoking cessation it will typically be two, if it's for something deep-rooted then it might be longer. And it's also up to you, how long you decide you want to keep having hypnotherapy. Some clients come for weekly relaxation hypnotherapy. It's your choice!

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Let's Work Together

You can book online or by getting in touch on 07999430710. Payment is required in full at the time of booking - either via the website or bank transfer. 
Please note I am happy to accommodate requests for appointments outside of normal availability (where I can).

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