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Psychologist Session

About Therapy

Using integrative psychotherapy methods I help clients to overcome difficulties and develop tools to help them manage better in life. Depending on your circumstances we will either talk through your past in order to understand habits and patterns you have created that aren't serving you, or work towards big goals to get to the next level of your life. 

 Is Therapy for you?
I believe everyone can benefit from time spent focusing on themselves, for many people it is the only place where they get to be the priority. For others it may just be about developing better coping strategies. One thing we all have in common is the need for support and encouragement in life, and you can find that here. 

What issues can Therapy help me with?
Stress management, depression, anxiety, OCD, poor habits (overeating, smoking, substance abuse, dysfunctional relationships etc), overcoming toxic relationships, overcoming Narcissistic abuse, PTSD, poor mindset, low self-esteem and self-sabotaging behaviour to name a few.
Everyone is capable of change, and deserving of living a happy and fulfilling life. And if you doubt that you can have that life then please get in touch, because by the end of your treatment you will be an advocate just like me!

Contact Me

Hester Wright
16 Holgate Road, NG2 2EB
Nottingham, England


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